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October 2014
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Serge Vartanov: TFA alumnus.


This week we are out to California for part one of an in depth conversation about the pros and con's of Teach for America. This week a discussion of the controversy surrounding the program.

Copious Show Notes:

1. The blog post mentioned five minutes in... This one calls TFA elitist


2. And this post compares TFA to a cult


3. This is Diane Ravitch's take on TFA


4. Teach for America on why we should TFA


5. TFA as a pathway to a teaching career


6. How effective are TFA teachers?


7. How I Joined TFA and Got Sued for 20M.

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This week in the lounge we have two very special "mini guests" for our very extra special mini-sode. Our young education experts share their opinions on school uniforms, homework and evaluation methods. If we really want to improve education we need to listen to the children! Not to be missed.
Copious Shop Notes:
1. A great site for kids who are interested in science and technology
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This week in the lounge we are back chez Bowers with a very extra special guest (hint, he is related to Adrian). This summer we will take on a myriad of issues, lightning round style. This week: repeating grades, school uniforms and the homework debate.


Copious Show Notes:


1. Current Issues in Education


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Divergent thinking and integrating technology, Monday's eve and connecting teachers and how to really revolutionize teaching (if you want to know how, you need to listen)
Copious Show Notes:
1. Ken Robinson: Paperclips and Divergent Thinking
2. Monday's Eve Discussion
3. Real Life Poets: Changing minds, one rhyme at a time
4. 20% Time
5. Colour Zen (a game that Al loves)
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This week we week we jet out to Alabama to talk to  Al Elliott. Teacher, poet, father, raconteur and all around great guy.
Part A. Hip Hop, getting into teaching, professional mentors and how the profession has changed in the last twenty years.


Copious Show Notes:
1. The Regional Genres of Hip Hop


2. Eyes on the Prize


3. The Algebra Project


4. Robert Parris Morris

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This week in the lounge we talk teacher strikes, is walking the pavement the best way to put pressure on management to settle a labour dispute or should we be looking to develop new strategies.
Shout out to us on the Twitter @staffloungin
And listen carefully, if you do you could be one of three loungers to win a prize.
Copious Show Notes:
1. The History of the BC teacher's strike
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This week in the lounge we are back chez Bowers to discuss the importance of student engagement (about 40 minutes in).
Shout out to us on the Twitter @staffloungin
Copious Show Notes:
1. Chris Emdin: Teach Teachers how to Create Magic
2. Star Talk Radio with Chris Emdin and GZA
3. Science Genius Rap Battles

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This week in the lounge we talk about effective feedback. Learn about it now so you will be able to apply it next year (that is effective feedback BTW).

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Copious Show Notes:

1. Seven Things to Remember about Feedback


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This week in the lounge we are back Chez Bowers to take in the month that was Adrian before we look at our controversial topic of the week: professional misconduct in education.
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Copious Show Notes:
1. Mike Tyson HBO Special (Recommended by Dave, avoided by Lisa and Adrian)
2. Professionally Speaking (Home of the Blue Pages)
3. New York Post Snarky Report on Kimye wedding
4. Columbine (Recommended by Lisa)
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Arnold T. Blumberg: Doctor of the Dead
This week Dave jets out to Baltimore to talk to media studies professor Arnold T. Blumberg about Dave's favourite subject: the zombie apocalypse. They talk about why a college course in zombies can help a student become a better citizen, top zombie flicks and the shifting zombie metaphor and what it says about society. It's a great talk, Arnold was an incredibly knowledgeable guest; in fact, you could say that he had a lot of braaaaaaaaains.
Follow us on the Twitter @staffloungin
Copious Show Notes:
1. #staffloungin Twitter Chat: Taking on the Zombie EDpocalypse
2. Staff Loungin' Zombie EDpocalypse Trilogy (all 4 parts)
3. Arnold T. Blumberg Website
4. Zombiemania (Arnold's BOOK)
5. Tell My Horse (Zora Neal Hurston)
6. The Doctor of the Dead in the Doc of the Dead
7. A few Top Zombie Movies/TV Shows
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead
White Zombie
Zombie 2 (Iconic But Not Favourite)
Burial Ground
Zombie Honeymoon
Stacey (crazy Japanese zombie movie... be warned)
Return of the Living Dead (invented zombies eating brains)
Dead Alive (Peter Jackson)
Evil Dead
The Serpent and the Rainbow (the "real life" zombie movie)
They Live
Black Mirror
In the Flesh
The Returned
8. Terror in the Woods (a zombie movie that Dave helped out with)
9. I Hear You Calling (the zombie music video Dave was in)
10. Doctor of the Dead Podcast and G2V podcast
11. Zombie Preparation (CDC Poster)
12. Dawn of the Dead vs Black Friday 
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