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This week in the lounge we complete part 2 of our ongoing discussion of the plight of the millennial teacher. Todays topics: teacher turnover and the difficulties of catching on at a school. Plus, Dave engages in a rap battle with himself and winds up in a tie, for last.
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Copious Show Notes:
1. King of the Dot
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This week in the lounge we have a brand new lounger: Alex Gurnham, for the first in a two part series on the millennial teacher. This week: teacher churn (be warned, it take us a ridiculously long time to get to the point, but we have great fun along the way)
Copious Show Notes:
1. Jesus asks a good question:
2. The Compassion Gap:
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This week we fuel up the Staff Loungin' Lear jet and head on out to New York City to talk to Starr Sackstein: teacher, Jerd (journalism nerd) and co-moderator of not one but TWO twitter chats (#jerdchat on Thursdays at 8p EST and my personal favourit, #sunchat on Sundays at 9a EST)
Our free ranging discussion ranges over a plethora of educational issues with a special focus on student press rights, twitter chats and WRITING A BOOK. Whatever your interest, there is bound to be something in there for you. So fasten your seatbelt, put your seat trays in an upright position and get ready for a voyage into your mind.
Copious Show Notes:
1. Everything that you wanted to know about Starr Sackstein (but were afraid to ask)
Her Blog:
Her Bio:
Her Book:
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This week in the lounge we finish off our 3 three week. Supporting learning with online resources. Join in the #staffloungin twitter chat Wednesday, April 9 at 9p EST.
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Copious Show Notes:
1. Khan Academy
2.Knowillage: an adaptive individualized learning tool
3. CeltX Free and awesome screenwriting program
4. Google Docs of Ed Related Apps/Programs/websites, a very comprehensive list
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This week in the lounge we continue on with our multipart exploration of education, post zombie apocalypse. This week we focus on the special needs of some of the students that we will need to serve in the Woodbury District School Board.
Copious Show Notes
1. These are the kids we need to serve, join the conversation and add your assessment of their academic strengths and needs.
i. Carl
ii. Juanita
iii. Kevin/Ethan
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This week in the lounge we finally get to a topic that we have been neglecting far too long: education after the inevitable zombie apocalypse, but in true Staff Loungin' style we take a while to get to the main topic. Feel free to skip to 22:05 which is where we get to to meat of the matter (i.e. braaaaainssss!).
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Copious Show Notes:
1. Daffodils by Wordsworth
2. Storify of Previous #staffloungin' Twitter chats
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This weekend we round out the March break by heading on back to the   take the loungin' lear back to Atlanta where we to Jovan Miles, Teacher, Podcaster, Blerd. 
After talking about the importance of diversity in the media in general and Sci-fi and comics specifically we get into a discission of the Atlanta schools cheating scandal and the culture of fear that contributed to it.
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And shout out to Jovan @blerdmedia to find out more about all of the amazing things that he does.
Copious Show Notes
1. Blerd Media Group
2. Complicated Dap (Jovan's former podcast)
3. The Planning Period (Jovan's new Podcast)
4. The Atlanta School Scandal (a primer)


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Craig Smith: Autism Educator
This week we headed on out to beautiful Australia to interview Craig Smith, Autism Educator. After recovering from a journey that made me understand what transcontinental travel my have been like before the railroad, I sat down in sunny Newcastle Australia for a discuussion that was well worth the trip (which is really saying something)
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And if you're interested in learning more about autism education reach out to Craig @wrenasmir He's an incredible resource...
Copious Show Notes
1. Newcastle Australia
2. Latest Update on Research into ASD around the world:
3.Study regarding Teenagers with Autism and Education, Bullying and Stress:
4.Craig's LinkedIn:
5. Craig's former student, 13 year old Jackson Miller's music SoundCloud:
6. Specialist People Foundation: promoting opportunities for people with autism to excel in jobs that utilise their specialist skills: 
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Welcome to Staff Loungin': World Tour, the podcast where educators talk about education and fly around the world in a Lear jet sipping champagne and eating caviar while they do it
In this inaugural episode of the tour Dave jets down to Atlanta to talk to Franchesca Warren, founder of the popular blog, The Educator's Room ( After discussing the weather (I am Canadian after all) and how the interstates looked like something out of The Walking Dead  (I'm a fan of zombies) we get discuss the real topic of the podcast: Fran and her blog.
The Educator's Room is a blog inspired by Franchesca's experience working in Metro area public schools. After being forced to reapply for her job, and frustrated with the direction of public school reform, Franchesca decided to start her blog, and eventually a publishing house, as a way to "empowering teachers as experts" and change the discussion.
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Copious Show Notes
1. Articles from The Educator's Room discussed in the podcast
Teachers Need an Authentic Career Path by Franchesca Warren
I Don't Believe in School Choice and Neither Should You by Franchesca Warren
Got Discipline (Charter School Diaries) by Randy Miller
Where's the Outrage for Jordan Davis by Franchesca Warren
2. Books from The Educator's Room:
3. Staff Loungin' 44, in which we discuss a meaningful career path for teachers.
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This week we have Aaron back in the lounge and we celebrate having Aaron back in the lounge and we celebrate by talking about nothing. Nothing as in, if you went into a school that had nothing, nothing at all. What would you do first?
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Copious Show Notes:
1. The times they are a changin'
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